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Ran out of airtime / data? No credit? No problem!

Advance Credit solution is an airtime / data credit transfer system.


It operates on a post-paid and per-request basis.  This service allows mobile operators’ subscribers out of airtime credit, to borrow a predetermined eligible amount of credit against a service charge, when they later top up.  The request for airtime credit is made by sending the request via SMS, USSD or calling a short code free of charge.  The criteria for giving airtime or data credit to a user is determined by a sophisticated scoring system, calculated for each subscriber based on previous behavioural top-ups.


Benefits of offering clients this service are:


  • Keeping clients engaged / online

  • Increased customer satisfaction simply and conveniently

  • Brand loyalty

  • Increased revenues

  • Mobile Operators enjoy 100% of the upside on airtime / data spending

  • Enabling lower ARPU subscribers to increase their monthly spend

Advanced Airtime & Data Credit

Digital Kiosk is a new and exciting data rich product where customers have access to thousands of magazines, newspapers and books from local and international publishers.


It is adapted for the best everyday mobile, tablet or desktop experience. Your Digital Kiosk can be accessed from any smart phone (iOs or Android), tablet or web. For a single subscription, you could read as much as you like.


Various categories are made available, such as sports, economics, nature, business, hobbies, fashion, health and fitness, travel, technology and much much more. 

Digital Kiosk
Mobile Content

Mobile Content, although a progressively advancing form of commerce, has evolved to form a large and increasingly important industry, as it provides emotive entertainment in various forms to the user.

Digital products such as video’s, music, games, themed portals, graphics, educational products such as various level schooling modalities, language lessons, general up-skilling products, daily religious messages, news and so forth are provided through mobile phones and charged directly to consumers’ mobile phone bills.


All Supa Pesa’s services can be white-labeled, packaged and priced according to each clients’ requirements, in order to be relevant to their unique target market.


All Supa Pesa’s products are designed with ease of functionality, selection and and a real value add in mind, to empower individuals, yet at the same time alleviates the need for resources of the company to manage these added value services. Furthermore, the service has the ability to self-generate revenue. The user is given the choice to do once off transactions or subscribe to a service, (dependant on legislation of each territory) but has the option to ‘opt out’ at any given time.


We are passionate about staying at the forefront of technology and consistently strive to bring new and inventive product and service offerings, across all our divisions, to our clients.


Supa Pesa has an array of hugely exciting and healthy revenue generating Football Prediction Games where users can place predictions on the outcome of various football matches.


Both Local Leagues (to each territory) and International Football Leagues are included on bet slips. Users can then, through their knowledge of football, win massive prizes with correct predictions, from the comfort of their homes. No need to stand in queues to purchase bet slips.

We offer our football prediction games through SMS and USSD, therefore no smart phones or data enabled devices are necessary. Customers simply dial a USSD string, or send a key word via SMS to a dedicated short code and follow the prompts to start predicting. 


Supa Pesa is able to tap in to the mass market by offering customers the convenience of paying for their bet slips through airtime, or mobile money.

Additional instant prizes are offered, merely for participating in the service. 

Supa Pesa handles all aspects regarding the required sports betting license and relevant regulatory approvals.

Football Prediction Games
Content Rewards

Supa Pesa further motivates customers to subscribe to exciting, informative and interesting content services by means of Content Rewards Programmes, where customers stand a chance to win prizes such as airtime, data, cash, electronic devices, holidays, etc by merely subscribing to a specific service. We utilise all channels such as SMS, USSD and WAP / online.


Supa Pesa takes a holistic approach in each campaign we design, by comprehensively researching the relevant target market, taking into consideration various unique elements of each market, to ensure that maximum participation is achieved. Supa Pesa has a versatile and experienced team conceptualising innovative and effective campaign formats resulting in highly successful promotions. 

No two promotions are alike. Every promotion Supa Pesa implements and launches with a client has been carefully designed, developed and tailor made for each client. On-going optimisation to encourage continuous uptake and ensure sustained excitement for customers is guaranteed.


As the mobile environment and its users evolve, so does Supa Pesa with its product offerings. We encourage the usage of all mobile owned channels and bearers, such as SMS, USSD, WAP, Mobile Money, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) Operator Bundle packages and the like.


We strategise the most enticing, user friendly and innovative promotions to keep users engaged and to offer real value aimed at each Mobile Operators specific and unique market. Our objectives are driven by those of our clients, being primarily customer care and healthy revenues.


Supa Pesa provides Mobile Network Operators with a multitude of feasible and unique Mega Promotion Campaigns that not only excite and reward current subscribers, but also entice potential subscribers to migrate to their network.



  • ARPU Boost

  • Reduce Churn

  • Increase of healthy traffic on the network (less trivial congestion)

  • Create massive hype

  • Create brand buzz

  • Solidify brand loyalty

  • Enhancing consumer perception of the brand

  • Profiling

  • Incremental revenues

Airtime Games

Spin & Win Airtime Game


Spin & Win is an entertaining airtime game where participants could win various denominations of airtime, data, cash and other prizes, instantly.

Instead of customers just receiving and paying for a content service each day, we give them a little something extra. Subscribers purchase one or more content service, by sending an sms to a dedicated short code number, or dialling a USSD string. With the receipt of the purchased message, the subscriber receives a mobi link / USSD / SMS, offering him/her a free spin, to stand a chance to win any of the available prizes.


Why is “The Spin & Win” airtime game so successful?


  • Boosts airtime sales with a fun, exciting game!

  • Entertains the customers: This is a fun way to spend and win airtime / prizes!

  • Increases ARPU!

  • Boosts retention!

  • Simple, user-friendly game mechanics.

  • Viral growth through prize transfer option

Cash Loans / Overdraft

Supa Pesa offers the most comprehensive and dynamic Cash / Overdraft lending products currently available in the market, which caters for every customer’s usage and behavioural requirements, ensuring maximum usage by various segments of the customer base.

Eligible customers with a Mobile Money account, will instantly receive an overdraft offer when cash is required to complete a transaction or withdraw funds, or for any other reason should the available funds be below the required transaction amount within the authorised limit. 

Supa Pesa handles all aspects regarding the required micro finance license, relevant regulatory approvals and funding.


A single integration into Supa Pesa’s cloud-based SDP allows mobile operators to effortlessly distribute digital content to their customer base.

The SDP is offered as a fully managed solution on a revenue share basis meaning no upfront investment or setup fees.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is one of the largest revenue generating industries globally today, where traditionally Mobile Operators have not been able to tap into this industry. 

Supa Pesa brings Sports Betting to Mobile Operators, by offering its customers simple, user friendly betting games, where customers can place bets, via SMS / USSD or WAP and then pay for their bets by means of airtime and / or mobile money, in addition to traditional payment channels. 

Additionally, we offer full Sports Betting platforms to cater for a variety of customers.

Supa Pesa handles all aspects regarding the required sports betting license and relevant regulatory approvals.

Lottery Promotions

Supa Pesa's Lottery- style Promotions have completely changed the way the industry views Mega Promotions. 

Lack of innovation with traditional promotions, leads to decreased game play and credibility in the market, resulting in a natural, yet dramatic decline in revenues. 

Supa Pesa offers customers fresh new ways to participate, by utilising all available channels and payment methods (airtime, mobile money, credit or promo bundles, as well as street agents), combined with increased competitive lottery format design features, with very exciting prize offerings (10X more than traditional promo's).

Supa Pesa handles all aspects regarding the required lottery license and relevant regulatory approvals.


Supa Pesa’s Interactive Messaging Platform brings multi-channel communication to your fingertips. Traditional SMS push messaging doesn’t allow for effective evaluations of user responses whereas USSD requires a user to initiate an action to bring up a menu item. Both have significant capacity issues for large volume delivery within time specific periods. Our Interactive Messaging


Platform enables a Mobile Operator to:

• Address Capacity Via IP-based Instant or Pre-Sent Scheduled Content
• Track and analyse user responses in greater detail
• Supports GSM & UCS2 (140 char SMS / Unlimited for IP)
• Provides a multi-dimensional, multi-protocol response menu in each campaign message, such as SMS, USSD, Web and Calls.


Clients can perform instant campaigns, or schedule campaigns at a time / day of their choice.

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